About Us

There really isn’t a big secret to our success and the way we work. Monster Cleaning Kingston simply follows its values and has been pretty consistent in doing it throughout the years.

Our main goal is to always make sure clients are happy with what we do. We strive to deliver top class cleaning services and not to charge a lot for them. Progress is what drives us and we tend to constantly improve and get better. This involves adopting a larger specter of services and so far we have significantly increased our own arsenal. Customers have the opportunity to select from a wide array of sanitation assistances depending on their needs. We have also made it possible to combine services thus getting a package deal. Low prices in combination with hard work is our recipe for success.

Monster Cleaners in KingstonManpower is essential in our business especially when we are hired for a number of cleaning projects simultaneously or maybe hired to accomplish a larger in scale purification task. We demand a lot from our technicians and hold them to the highest of standards. They have responded perfectly well and this is proven by our flawless record and incredibly positive reviews we have gotten. It is not only technical skills that we want our cleaners to excel at. They are also open, friendly and often funny. Respect is the first thing we show our clients during a hire.

No cleaning company will accomplish anything without straying on top of its materials and equipment. Our customers’ requirements vary and constantly change. In order to be prepared for every cleaning challenge we have advanced sanitation supplies and top notch machinery. Our steam cleaners are regularly maintained and inspected. The same goes for the vacuum cleaners which we utilise. When the possibility of an upgrade arises, we take advantage of it and this way our technical capacity is always excellent.
Don’t expect us to start spraying around with heavy chemicals and toxic liquids during a sanitation job at your office or home. We cannot stress enough the importance of using water-based detergents without anything harmful in them. Preserving the environment should be everyone’s responsibility and we can safely say we are doing our bid.

We are 100% committed to excellence and will do our best to make your life easier no matter the complexity of your cleaning project. You can rely on us to provide you with not only hard work but positive vibes as well.